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10KW solar on grid system project in Norway 2020-06-20

The installation cost of photovoltaic system is gradually decreasing, the electricity price is gradually rising, and people pay more attention to solar energy. In addition, the growth rate of solar energy in Norway has increased in recent years, and more and more companies are incorporating solar energy into their investment portfolio.


Mr Svetre love traveling and fishing,We've been in touch for two years, frist time he build 2 set 3KW order solar on grid system to home use ,After his neighbors visited his solar system, they all hoped that he could help to buy it together.

He take pictures of all the neighbors' houses and loads, and we designed a 5KW 10KW 20kW solar power system according to their requirements. He mentioned that the voltage in Norway is different,L1+L2 is 220V  L1+L3 is 220V L2+L3 is 220V .Fasene L1 L2 L3 (R S T) .All systems must comply with CE setrifikat. And EN 50438. We provided samples to the testing agency, and we got the certification required by the customers

after the installation ,Customer feedback us picture

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The new orders was delayed but the customer told us not to worry because his order would come soon


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