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20GP portable solar power system to Chad Aug 24,2020.

Chad, a land locked country in Central Africa, is very lack of electricity. Local people mainly relies on diesel generators for power generation. Mr.Lucas is a local distributor of solar products,He saw our solar products on the Internet, hoping to design a solar energy product with low price and good quality for low-end market. We recommended portable solar generator to him according to their market 

1500watt portable solar system

Portable solar power system contains solar panels and all-in-one designed machine.The machine is integrated with solar charge controller, low-frequency inverter and Lithium battery bank.There are 5V DC and 12V DC power outlet which could charge the mobile phone and light up the bulbs directly,Furthermore,the machine has built-in car charge power outlet in case more charging needs .With built-in copper transformer and 220V AC power outlet,the integrated machine can even take the inductive loads like refrigerator and small water pumps,not to mention normal loads like fans,lights,TVs,computers,etc.Portable solar power system is very suitable for small house and camping.

Camping solar system

After checking the market,the client found that our goods were competitive and he ordered us 20ft container portable solar power system

movable solar system

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