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20KW Solar Power System in Belize 2019-12-15

What is service? Service is we receive you inquiry begins, Consultation design, production, installation, and maintenance with all the efficiency of a one-stop-shop.


This is sunchees Belize central America customer ,Contact us from the Internet and send inquiries, Their husband and wife are local distributors,Many local customers need solar energy products. They need to develop local markets.


His husband is an engineer. He is very professional in technology. He knows that quality is very important.

Why did he choose business from sunchees ,he tell us :Since we received his inquiry, we have been very professional and patient to give him answers, the design of the system meets his requirements, everything is very satisfactory. His purpose in coming to China is to check our quality.Every supplier will tell him that our quality is good, but he needs to examine it himself.

When they came to the factory, we compared our products with those of other suppliers. The customers were very clear. Our solar panel is 12BB A+grade solar cell , Efficiency is 22% . other supplier solar panel , this only 18% efficiency , only 4 BB or 5BB , B grade solar cell .

If the solar system is cheap, and then there are many failures when using it because the price is matched to the quality. And then the cost of repairing the system will be much higher than the cost of your first purchase and wasting time. That being the case, why not choose a quality supplier to solve these problems at the beginning?

Because of our professional design, excellent quality and good service, the customer decided on a 40GP 20KW Container on his last day of leaving China.


The customer said that next time he doesn't need to come to China to see our quality, because he knows that we are professional, he can send us an email directly to establish an order. That's trust in cooperation.

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