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20KW Solar Power System in zimbabwe 2020-01-20

Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in southeastern Africa, The water level of Kariba Lake, Zimbabwe's largest lake, has fallen due to the unprecedented drought in 40 years, resulting in a decline in the power generation capacity of Kariba Hydropower Station, the main source of power supply for Zimbabwe. In addition, four other thermal power stations, such as Wanji, Zimbabwe, have outdated equipment, frequent machine failures, and insufficient coal supply, which have already lost most of their power generation capacity. Power generation capacity. As a result, Zimbabwe has a huge power supply gap


This is our customer from Harare city zimbabwe,She is a headmaster of a school.She came to China to buy solar power systems for her school.


She also visited other Chinese suppliers. She said that she was confused by comparing the quotations of many suppliers, which were both very high and very low. Do not know how to choose


Coming to our factory, we showed her our product design, our product quality, our production process, she was very satisfied, the most important thing is that our price is in a reasonable range. Some suppliers have very high prices,Impractical, while others have very low prices.

We also showed her 10 sets of 100 KW, 2 sets 350 KW, 70 KW in Tanzania and 50 KW in Sudan.


Finally, she gave us 2 sets of 20KW, 3 sets of 1KW and 2 sets of 2KW solar energy projects


 Solar Power System

2020 -01-06 our engineer Arrive in Harare,Installation will be school ,20KW 1 SET ,10KW 2 SET , 2KW 5 SET,solar system have working well , customer is very happy,We will get more orders in zimbabwe。

Solar Power System





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