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3KW solar power system project in Thailand Jul 2,2020.

Mr. W and his engineers visited our factory in December 2017. He has a shop that selling solar products in Bangkok, Thailand. At the beginning, the order he talked to us was 10 sets of 2.5kw solar hybrid inverter with MPPT controller. He and his engineers asked a lot of questions about the technology and specification of the inverter, and they all got our engineer's professional answer one by one. Mr. W also proposed to change the display data of our display according to their parameter requirements. After careful discussion between our boss and engineers, we can meet customer requirements! Mr W. and his engineer were very happy, they added the order quantity to 20pcs 2.5kw solar hybrid inverters and 10pcs 1kw pure sine wave inverters.


So our first cooperation began. After the production of the inverter order was completed, Mr. W came to our factory again to checked and tested the inverter. He was satisfied with our quality and design.

During the Canton Fair in April 2018, Mr. W visited our factory again. He feedbacked to us that his inverter was selling well. He wanted to build a solar power system installation team to provide his customers with the configuration and installation service. So he asked us many questions about solar energy system design and installation, and we sent him detailed configuration and installation instructions. During this visit, he purchased a 2kw solar power system and installed it in his home for testing and publicity.

Soon, in August 2018, he placed a 3kw solar power system order for his client, the system was installed on the floating houseboat to power some home loads, air conditioner, refrigerator, lights, tv. Mr. W provided a perfect installation for the customer, and the customer was very satisfied. So far, his system has been running very well.

Our cooperation with Mr. W has been ongoing. When he needed technical assistance, he got our timely support. When he had an order request we gave him quality assurance. Only in this way, we can grow together and make profits together.

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