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9000BTU 48VDC solar air conditioner system to Philippines Sep 7,2020.

Mr.Jeffrey is from Manila,Philippines.He want to buy air conditioner system which use solar power only for his house because the electricity price in Philippines is very expensive.According to his demand and the space of his living room,we suggested him to order 9000BTU 48VDC 100% solar air conditioner system with 4pcs 12V/100AH gel batteries.

 48V DC solar air conditioner

48V DC 100% solar air conditioner system consists of solar panels with panel racks, solar charge controller, Gel battery bank and DC air conditioner unit. The air conditioner unit uses 48V DC power directly from battery bank and no need inverter to convert DC power to AC power.Thus can achieve higher efficiency use of solar power.Our air conditioner unit uses TOSHIBA brand compressor and can guarantee continues and steady operation.Furthermore,just add one inverter on the battery bank,then can turn the system to solar power generator and supply electricity to other home appliances.


Below is the customer 9000BTU 48VDC solar air conditioner installation feedback photos

9000BTU 48VDC air conditioner system

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