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How to verify the solar panel you get was good quality or bad quality? Jun 4,2020.

Today I wanted to share this: How to verify the solar panel you get was good quality or bad quality? This is very difficult for many customers,who is not professional.

Last week,I got a inquiry from alibaba,it seems he wanted to buy the solar panel from us,then asked our price and said he could get more cheaper from other suppliers and asked our brand name, I told him our brand name was "SUNCHEES" ,then he said "low quality"...If you do not buy any our solar panels, how do you know our quality? (Finally I asked him, whether you only buy low quality and cheaper price,he said: Yes). I believe there are customers,who needs low quality,but also customers who needs good quality, I respect both,but without real evidence,you can not say who is good quality and who is low quality.

Now I talk about the way to verify the solar panels:

1)Please check the photos I attached. There were SUNCHEES Mono 300W solar panel test report by the laboratory in Research Laboratory.

Due to the govenment of Nigeria needed this test report for their government projects,so our factory did this test solar panels. From the test report,you can see the 1000W/m2,it should be 300W. as you can see the test result of our solar panel, there were 344W and 345W based , the result was perfect,our quality standard is very higher. now SUNCHEES name is listed in the government of Nigeria.

I showed this exmaple to tell customers that you can do the same thing, when you get all the solar panels,you can choose 1-2 panels to be tested in the local laboratory,then everything will be clear.


2)If you get some famous brand name solar panels from local distributor,you can send all the series number to the original factory by email to check whether these series number is true and whether these series number solar panels were sold to your market. If there is no answer or negative reply from the origianl factory, that means these solar panels are fake,second hand or bad quality.(it is easy to find the contact information email for these original factories from internet)

The customer always sent me the series number by email to our official and asked us to check whether these solar panels are original from us before they buy it from our local distributor.


3)I found there are many suppliers are only offer fake power now,even some famous brands in the market.(these famous brands only do negative tolerance,but lable it with postitive tolerance,for example,395W lable it with 400W,customer will not find the difference) But for other suppliers,they might offer much lower power,but label it with bigger power.(like 450W panel lable it with 500W,or 360W panel lable it with 400W), the prices you bought from them seems cheaper,but it was higher too. For exmaple: if you are buying the solar panel with US$0.25/W for 400W,one panel cost is US$100/pc,but the actual power is only 360W,this mean US$64/360W=US$0.27/W, can you understand that? You did not get the cheap price,what you get is only the fake power.

But how to know the power is fake without test machine?

You need to get one real good quality solar panel as reference,for example: A panel is real good quality,B panel is what you bought(you can buy A panel from local market from one official authorised shop famous brand,please remember the power and model should be the same.

When you get the two panels together,you put A panel and B panel on the sunshine together(to keep the two panels have the same Irradiance), then you can use the DC ammeter to check both Voc and Isc, if the two datas are similar,then the panels are fine. or else the low data maybe the fake power.(you can choose differerent panels to do many tests to get the result)


4)If you want to know the quality is good or bad before you buy solar panel, you can try the way 3) if you are buying from local market. If you plan to import from China,the only way to verify the quality is to ask the third laboratory to do test before shipment,to do power test….


5)If you do not want to buy the stock panels,but you are worry about this, you can ask the factory to make your own series number inside of the glass.(they can not change the series number for the stock panels)

The above 5 points are useful for the customers,who needs the good quality.

We knew the quality of solar panel very well,we hope all the customers can choose the good quality solar panel.





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