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if you need solar power for home, but you don't have enough money,how to do it ? Jun 3,2020.

Africa, inadequate grid supply has exacerbated the deterioration of power supply and the high cost of electricity. This is a problem that many African customers are looking for solar panel systems to mention to us.


Mr. Ben comes from Ebonyi, Nigeria. They have blackouts at least four to five times a day. Blackouts cause them a lot of trouble.


He came to China  and met us to talk about their current electricity situation, and he didn't have so much money. But it must be solved that after the power failure, he can use the family load normally.



Our engineer designs a 5KW solar panel + 10KW inverter within his budget, this can solve he problem that he can use normally after power failure, in the future , if he have more money , He only needs to add solar panel Expand this system


Mr ben receive our solar energy system, install and use it, and give us some feedback.



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