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  • How to verify the solar panel you get was good quality or bad quality?
    How to verify the solar panel you get was good quality or bad quality?
    Today I wanted to share this: How to verify the solar panel you get was good quality or bad quality? This is very difficult for many customers,who is not professional.Last week,I got a inquiry from alibaba,it seems he wanted to buy the solar panel from us,then asked our price and said he could get more cheaper from other suppliers and asked our brand name, I told him our brand name was "SUNCHEES" ,then he said "low quality"...If you do not buy any our solar panels, how do you know our quality? (Finally I asked him, whether you only buy low quality and cheaper price,he said: Yes). I believe there are customers,who needs low quality,but also customers who needs good quality, I respect both,but without real evidence,you can not say who is good quality and who is low quality.Now I talk about the way to verify the solar panels:1)Please check the photos I attached. There were SUNCHEES Mono 300W solar panel test report by the laboratory in Research Laboratory.Due to the govenment of Nigeria needed this test report for their government projects,so our factory did this test solar panels. From the test report,you can see the 1000W/m2,it should be 300W. as you can see the test result of our solar panel, there were 344W and 345W based , the result was perfect,our quality standard is very higher. now SUNCHEES name is listed in the government of Nigeria.I showed this exmaple to tell customers that you can do the same thing, when you get all the solar panels,you can choose 1-2 panels to be tested in the local laboratory,then everything will be clear. 2)If you get some famous brand name solar panels from local distributor,you can send all the series number to the original factory by email to check whether these series number is true and whether these series number solar panels were sold to your market. If there is no answer or negative reply from the origianl factory, that means these solar panels are fake,second hand or bad quality.(it is easy to find the contact information email for these original factories from internet)The customer always sent me the series number by email to our official and asked us to check whether these solar panels are original from us before they buy it from our local distributor. 3)I found there are many suppliers are only offer fake power now,even some famous brands in the market.(these famous brands only do negative tolerance,but lable it with postitive tolerance,for example,395W lable it with 400W,customer will not find the difference) But for other suppliers,they might offer much lower power,but label it with bigger power.(like 450W panel lable it with 500W,or 360W panel lable it with 400W), the prices you bought from them seems cheaper,but it was higher too. For exmaple: if you are buying the solar panel with US$0.25/W for 400W,one panel cost is US$100/pc,but the actual power is only 360W,this mean US$64/360W=US$0.27/W, can you understand that? You did not get the cheap pric...
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  • if you need solar power for home, but you don't have enough money,how to do it ?
    if you need solar power for home, but you don't have enough money,how to do it ?
    Africa, inadequate grid supply has exacerbated the deterioration of power supply and the high cost of electricity. This is a problem that many African customers are looking for solar panel systems to mention to us. Mr. Ben comes from Ebonyi, Nigeria. They have blackouts at least four to five times a day. Blackouts cause them a lot of trouble. He came to China  and met us to talk about their current electricity situation, and he didn't have so much money. But it must be solved that after the power failure, he can use the family load normally.  Our engineer designs a 5KW solar panel + 10KW inverter within his budget, this can solve he problem that he can use normally after power failure, in the future , if he have more money , He only needs to add solar panel Expand this system Mr ben receive our solar energy system, install and use it, and give us some feedback.  
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  •  What is the off-grid power generating system?
    What is the off-grid power generating system?
    What is the off-grid power generating system?Off-grid power generation system is mainly composed of solar panels, controller, storage battery, off grid inverter, solar power generation through the assembly, by the controller on the battery charge and discharge management, and to theDC for providing power to a load or through the inverter and  provide electrical power to a new type of AC load.How does the system work:This system not only has solar power system function, but also has city electricity complement function and UPS function:                       When there is sunshine, it will use sun power first;When there is no sunshine, it will use battery power;When there is no sunshine and battery power is used out, it will automatically use city electricity ( or diesel generator ) to charge battery and take the loads at the same time;When the sunshine is coming, it will automatically take use of sun power again.FAQQ: What can be included for this system from Sunchees?A: This system includes: solar panel, PV array combiner, Hybrid solar inverter with built-in MPPT controller, Maintenance-free Gel battery, Mounting structure, cables etc.Q: Is the solution for complete set? If not, what else are needed?A: Yes, we can provide complete set solution. If you don't need complete set, basic parts are available too.Q: Is the system solution always the same? Can I customize one?A: No. We have professional teams make solutions for our clients. Solutions are mainly customized based on different sunshine time and power consumption. Same power system may be with different configuration. Q: Who will arrange the shipment?A: We are doing FOB trade term. If you need, we could help you to arrange the shipment, we have long-term cooperation with good service forwarders.Q: What's the difference between off grid and on grid solar power system?A: Off grid solar power system doesn't connect to the power grid. In general, the system includes solar panels, charge controller, batteries and off-grid inverter. This system will convert the solar power into electricity and store in the batteries, and the batteries will supply appliances the electricity to work through the inverter.On grid solar power system connects to the power grid. In general, it includes solar panels, grid-connected inverter, the solar power will be converted into electricity and the electricity will be supplied to appliances directly. When there is no sunshine, the power grid will take place of the system and supply appliances the electricity to work.Q: Can the inverter switch automatically to national grid to protect batteries.A: Yes. The inverter not only can connect to national grid but also can connect to third generator, as like diesel generator. When there is no sunshine and battery power is used out, the inverter will automatically switch to use national grid power and...
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  • Nigeria will soon face a 35% increase in electricity bills
    Nigeria will soon face a 35% increase in electricity bills
    Nigeria's current electricity bill is 24 naira per kWh. If prices rise by 35%, the figure will rise to 32 naira per kWh. This may further infuriate the public, who are already complaining that dealers charge more and offer less services. Global climate change is receiving more and more attention, and low-carbon economy is strongly supported by all countries. As a kind of sustainable clean energy, solar energy shows great development and application potential. At present, the rapid development of solar photovoltaic industry is a way to provide new energy in the future, and its practical application in life is more extensive. The operation cost is low, photovoltaic system uses solar energy to generate electricity, and the energy is free. Once installed, the photovoltaic system can provide power with little maintenance and operation cost. 10KW solar power system project in Nigeria for home use  Foshan Sunchees is a providing one-stop service solar power  manufacturer. We can provide engineers with installation training team, and we have safe transportation serviceOur web : 
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