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Nigeria will soon face a 35% increase in electricity bills May 25,2020.

Nigeria's current electricity bill is 24 naira per kWh. If prices rise by 35%, the figure will rise to 32 naira per kWh. This may further infuriate the public, who are already complaining that dealers charge more and offer less services.


Global climate change is receiving more and more attention, and low-carbon economy is strongly supported by all countries. As a kind of sustainable clean energy, solar energy shows great development and application potential. At present, the rapid development of solar photovoltaic industry is a way to provide new energy in the future, and its practical application in life is more extensive. The operation cost is low, photovoltaic system uses solar energy to generate electricity, and the energy is free. Once installed, the photovoltaic system can provide power with little maintenance and operation cost.


10KW solar power system project in Nigeria for home use


 Foshan Sunchees is a providing one-stop service solar power  manufacturer. We can provide engineers with installation training team, and we have safe transportation service

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