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Off Grid Solar Power System
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15kw Residential Solar Systems
15kw Residential Solar Systems
15kw Residential Solar Systems
15kw Residential Solar Systems

15kw Residential Solar Systems

15kw Off Grid Solar Power System 15000w Solar Kit Solar Energy System For Home


SYSTEM TYPE : Off-Grid Solar System


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Produt Details

15KW off grid solar system configuration:

 Off grid solar power supply system Model: SPS15KW
System Basic Information  Solar panel rated output power:   15000W 
Max power :500w / Vmp:54V  Voc:62.4V Solar Cell Use  5BB ,A+ Grade
Allowable max loads power : 15KW
panel Solar panel               type: SP500W mono solar panel
Max power :500w / Vmp:54V  Voc:62.4V Solar Cell Use  5BB ,A+ Grade
Imp 9.26A    Size : 2090*1106*35mm 
25 years life time  (CE TUV) Warranty:10 years ,ship the free one for service
Connect way:6pcs solar panel in series is each string. 5 string connect to PV combiner
Effieiency performace:25%years 80%,20years 85%.10 years 90%
Total : 30 Pcs Terminal block: IP65 with MC4 connector
240V Off Grid Solar System PV combiner              Model : PC4-240V
Simplify wiring between PV array 
and controller, protections  to controller ,Wide range of DC input voltage
Reliable thunderstorm& surge protection
Total : 1PC   Warranty: 2 years , ship the free one for service 
Best Solar Generator For Home Charge controller                 model:50A/240V
Charging efficiency; 90%-95%, 
charging mode, intelligent control., 
temperature compensation, various protection functions;
Total : 1 Set  warranty : 2 years ship the free a main board for service
Solar Panel For Home Price Pure Sine Wave IGBT Module Inverter 
Model: SI15kw DC input:240V  Output: 110v,120v,220v,230v,240v(optional)
Use copper transformer; Bypass function with AC charger
Product size:590*470*730mm /  Weight:190KG
Total : 1 Set  Warranty : 2 years ship the free a main board for service
Solar System For House Solar power Gel battery                      Capacity:12V/200AH 
Servicelife : 5-6years Size:522*240*219mm / Weight:57KG 
 Connect way: 20 pcs batteries in seriesconnect to inverter
Total : 20Pcs   Warranty :2 years, ship the free one for service                                                                                                             
Cheap Home Battery Storage Solar panel rack              Slope Rooftop or Flat rooftop
wind load:55m/s,snow load:1.5kn/m2 structure:Anodized Aluminum+stainless steel, Angle adjustable
Total : 1 Set
cable PV Cable
19pcs 16mm2*35CM battery cabl   4pcs 16mm2*1M cable     4mm2 PV cable 200M         terminals and MC4

15KW  solar system load reference:

15Kw Solar home System
Load Name Load'S Watt Qty Total Watt
Lights 11w 20 220w
Fan 80w 4 320w
Computer(LCD display) 150w 2 300w
Printer 250w 2 500w
Fax Machine 150w 1 150w
Refrigerator(240L) 180w 2 360w
Electric stove 1000w 2 2000w
Washing Machine 300w 1 300w
Microwave 1500w 1 1500w
Rice cooker 1000w 1 1000w
Air Conditioner(1HP) 750w 4 3000w
Satellite Tv Receiver/Vcd 50w 2 100w
Color Tv(32 inch) 150w 2 300w
Water Pump 200w 1 200w
Total 10250w

Remark: Refrigerator,air conditioner &water pump is inductive load ,start working power is 3-6 times more than normal power ,in the process of use ,turn on the inductive load first

How does the off grid solar power system work:

This system not only has solar power system function,but also has city grid complement function and UPS function
At daytime,the solar panels will generate the electricity to charge the battery bank through solar charge controller and the inverter will convert battery DC power into AC power and take the loads.
At nighttime,with fully charged battery bank,the inverter will convert battery DC power into AC power and take the loads
When there is no sunshine and battery power is used out,the inverter will automatically switch to use city grid power and take the loads


  • 100%green energy,no pollution,no noise
  • High efficiency solar panel with 25 years lifespan can guarantee fast cost-recovery and long-term benefit
  • Stand-alone system,easy installation and operation
  • Nice after-sale service,provide installation guide and technical support ​

Packing details:

  • Solar panels are packed in carton and pallet
  • PV combiners and inverter are packed in wooden box
  • Solar charge controller,gel battery,and cables are packed in carton
  • Solar panel racks are in cartons and bulk packing​

solar system case:

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