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  • 1.8MW solar power systems in Nigeria
    1.8MW solar power systems in Nigeria
    Our first cooperation with Nigerian government is 2sets 50KW complete set solar power systems in 2017. The systems were installed in the university and supply power for university clinic.In 2018,after the 2sets 50KW solar power systems have been working perfectly for 1 year. Nigeria government decided to buy more solar power system for government houses,hospitals,schools,etc. The second order is 1MW(10sets 100KW solar power systems). We went to Nigeria to sign the contract in 2018.At May.2019,we sent engineers to Nigeria to guide the installation of 10sets 100KW solar power system.During the production of second order 1MW. The Nigeria government added more orders. The third order is 700KW(1set 50KW,1set 100KW,1set 200KW,1set 350KW). The third order goods reached the place at September.2019. Now all the solar power systems have been installed and working well!
  • 20KW Solar Power System in zimbabwe
    20KW Solar Power System in zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in southeastern Africa, The water level of Kariba Lake, Zimbabwe's largest lake, has fallen due to the unprecedented drought in 40 years, resulting in a decline in the power generation capacity of Kariba Hydropower Station, the main source of power supply for Zimbabwe. In addition, four other thermal power stations, such as Wanji, Zimbabwe, have outdated equipment, frequent machine failures, and insufficient coal supply, which have already lost most of their power generation capacity. Power generation capacity. As a result, Zimbabwe has a huge power supply gap This is our customer from Harare city zimbabwe,She is a headmaster of a school.She came to China to buy solar power systems for her school. She also visited other Chinese suppliers. She said that she was confused by comparing the quotations of many suppliers, which were both very high and very low. Do not know how to choose Coming to our factory, we showed her our product design, our product quality, our production process, she was very satisfied, the most important thing is that our price is in a reasonable range. Some suppliers have very high prices,Impractical, while others have very low prices.We also showed her 10 sets of 100 KW, 2 sets 350 KW, 70 KW in Tanzania and 50 KW in Sudan. Finally, she gave us 2 sets of 20KW, 3 sets of 1KW and 2 sets of 2KW solar energy projects  2020 -01-06 our engineer Arrive in Harare,Installation will be school ,solar system have been working well , customer is very happy,We will get more orders in zimbabwe。    
  • 20KW Solar Power System in Belize
    20KW Solar Power System in Belize
    What is service? Service is we receive you inquiry begins, Consultation design, production, installation, and maintenance with all the efficiency of a one-stop-shop. This is sunchees Belize central America customer ,Contact us from the Internet and send inquiries, Their husband and wife are local distributors,Many local customers need solar energy products. They need to develop local markets. His husband is an engineer. He is very professional in technology. He knows that quality is very important.Why did he choose business from sunchees ,he tell us :Since we received his inquiry, we have been very professional and patient to give him answers, the design of the system meets his requirements, everything is very satisfactory. His purpose in coming to China is to check our quality.Every supplier will tell him that our quality is good, but he needs to examine it himself.When they came to the factory, we compared our products with those of other suppliers. The customers were very clear. Our solar panel is 12BB A+grade solar cell , Efficiency is 22% . other supplier solar panel , this only 18% efficiency , only 4 BB or 5BB , B grade solar cell . If the solar system is cheap, and then there are many failures when using it because the price is matched to the quality. And then the cost of repairing the system will be much higher than the cost of your first purchase and wasting time. That being the case, why not choose a quality supplier to solve these problems at the beginning?Because of our professional design, excellent quality and good service, the customer decided on a 40GP 20KW Container on his last day of leaving China. The customer said that next time he doesn't need to come to China to see our quality, because he knows that we are professional, he can send us an email directly to establish an order. That's trust in cooperation.
  • 10KW solar on grid system project in Norway
    10KW solar on grid system project in Norway
    The installation cost of photovoltaic system is gradually decreasing, the electricity price is gradually rising, and people pay more attention to solar energy. In addition, the growth rate of solar energy in Norway has increased in recent years, and more and more companies are incorporating solar energy into their investment portfolio. Mr Svetre love traveling and fishing,We've been in touch for two years, frist time he build 2 set 3KW order solar on grid system to home use ,After his neighbors visited his solar system, they all hoped that he could help to buy it together.He take pictures of all the neighbors' houses and loads, and we designed a 5KW 10KW 20kW solar power system according to their requirements. He mentioned that the voltage in Norway is different,L1+L2 is 220V  L1+L3 is 220V L2+L3 is 220V .Fasene L1 L2 L3 (R S T) .All systems must comply with CE setrifikat. And EN 50438. We provided samples to the testing agency, and we got the certification required by the customersafter the installation ,Customer feedback us pictureDue to the COVID-19 epidemic. The new orders was delayed but the customer told us not to worry because his order would come soon
  • 70KW solar power system in Tanzania
    70KW solar power system in Tanzania
    Mrs. Mwakisisile is quite an interesting woman,She came to China alone to buy complete set off grid solar power system for her factory ,We picked her up in Guangzhou to drove her to our factory and she shared her experience in China with us on the way.Mrs. Mwakisisile and her husband are running a factory and want to buy a solar energy system to drive the machines and supply electricity to her villa. There are inductive loads in her factory and villa,so we customized a 70KW off-grid solar power system for her after deep conversation about the factory machine,home appliances and her daily power consumption.Belows are Mrs. Mwakisisile’s feedback photos about the 70KW solar power system:
  • Solar power system for 30HP pump in Sudan
    Solar power system for 30HP pump in Sudan
    Sudan customer Mr.Ehab visited our factory at Oct.2018 and said he had a 30HP  immersible pump in the farm and the pump was driven by a diesel generator. He want to use solar power system to replace the diesel generator to save cost.We customized a complete set solar power system for customer according to water pump technical data and customer’s needs. The complete set solar system contains solar panels with panel racks,PV combiners,water pump inverter and wiring. The system is without battery bank so the price is much cheaper than off-grid solar system with battery bank.Below are the feedback photos from customer.The customer placed order at Nov.2018 and we shipped the goods at Jan.2019. After the customer installed the solar power system and drove the water pump for several days he found that the water pump inverter would suddenly cut off once the HZ drop to 48HZ then after few minutes the inverter would restart and work normally when the HZ back to 50HZ. After several times discussion between our engineer and customer’s technician,we reset some parameters in the inverter and the system finally can work normally. Now the system can work perfectly from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Due to our good after sales service,the customer introduce our company to his friends and said he would place more orders to our company!
  • 15KW solar wind hybrid system in Mongolia
    15KW solar wind hybrid system in Mongolia
    A lot of solar system kits have been installed in house. But most of the users don’t have good knowledge of solar power products,so many people worry about after sales service. How they can solve the problem if there is something wrong in the solar power system during usage?Mr Munkhbat from Mongolia, We've been in touch since a long time ago. In May 2018, he called me and told me that he and engineers in China needed to visit our factory. After visiting the factory, the engineer talked to us about his design, which was very professional and attached great importance to quality in every details, because it was used in the mining field.Our engineers are also very careful to determine every details clearly. Final order 2 systems 10KW wind +5KW solar hybrid system , 5KW wind +10KW solar hybrid system During the installation of the system,the workers installed the wind turbine blades reversedly and the blade falled to the ground. Our engineer immediately contacted the customer through Wechat and guided them to install the blades correctly. The customer is very satisfied with our prompt reply and solution. We are always free to contact through Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp and provide 24/7 after sales service :1) solar panel have 10 years warranty, ship the new one for service2) Wind generator have 10 years warranty , ship the new one for service3)gel battery have 2 years warranty, ship the new one for service4)air conditioner has 5 years warranty ,ship the free main circuit board by DHL or FEDEX for service5) controller has 2 years warranty, ship the free main circuit board for service. Quality and Service are our culture!
  • 30KW solar power system project in Nigeria
    30KW solar power system project in Nigeria
    Mr. Allwell is from Nigeria. Before he came to China many times and this time he visited our factory with his agent in Guangzhou.He said there are so many factories in China and he hoped the agent can help him to select high quality off-grid solar power system supplier  SUNCHEES has more than 10 years experience on solar power system. We have professional R&D team and can help customers to design solar power system according to his requirement. At the end,we customized a complete set 30KW off-grid solar power system for his house.  After the customer received goods,he called us and said he can’t find installation engineer in local place,so we contacted our installation engineer in Nigeria and the engineer went to customer's house and installed the solar power system for him.SUNCHEES has solar installation engineer partner in Nigeria , our customers can contact our engineer to help and solve the problem. Belows are feedback installation photos from our customer:
  • 3KW solar power system project in Thailand
    3KW solar power system project in Thailand
    Mr. W and his engineers visited our factory in December 2017. He has a shop that selling solar products in Bangkok, Thailand. At the beginning, the order he talked to us was 10 sets of 2.5kw solar hybrid inverter with MPPT controller. He and his engineers asked a lot of questions about the technology and specification of the inverter, and they all got our engineer's professional answer one by one. Mr. W also proposed to change the display data of our display according to their parameter requirements. After careful discussion between our boss and engineers, we can meet customer requirements! Mr W. and his engineer were very happy, they added the order quantity to 20pcs 2.5kw solar hybrid inverters and 10pcs 1kw pure sine wave inverters. So our first cooperation began. After the production of the inverter order was completed, Mr. W came to our factory again to checked and tested the inverter. He was satisfied with our quality and design.During the Canton Fair in April 2018, Mr. W visited our factory again. He feedbacked to us that his inverter was selling well. He wanted to build a solar power system installation team to provide his customers with the configuration and installation service. So he asked us many questions about solar energy system design and installation, and we sent him detailed configuration and installation instructions. During this visit, he purchased a 2kw solar power system and installed it in his home for testing and publicity.Soon, in August 2018, he placed a 3kw solar power system order for his client, the system was installed on the floating houseboat to power some home loads, air conditioner, refrigerator, lights, tv. Mr. W provided a perfect installation for the customer, and the customer was very satisfied. So far, his system has been running very well.Our cooperation with Mr. W has been ongoing. When he needed technical assistance, he got our timely support. When he had an order request we gave him quality assurance. Only in this way, we can grow together and make profits together.
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