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Solar power system for 30HP pump in Sudan 2019-09-25

Sudan customer Mr.Ehab visited our factory at Oct.2018 and said he had a 30HP  immersible pump in the farm and the pump was driven by a diesel generator. He want to use solar power system to replace the diesel generator to save cost.

We customized a complete set solar power system for customer according to water pump technical data and customer’s needs. The complete set solar system contains solar panels with panel racks,PV combiners,water pump inverter and wiring. The system is without battery bank so the price is much cheaper than off-grid solar system with battery bank.Below are the feedback photos from customer.

The customer placed order at Nov.2018 and we shipped the goods at Jan.2019. After the customer installed the solar power system and drove the water pump for several days he found that the water pump inverter would suddenly cut off once the HZ drop to 48HZ then after few minutes the inverter would restart and work normally when the HZ back to 50HZ. After several times discussion between our engineer and customer’s technician,we reset some parameters in the inverter and the system finally can work normally. Now the system can work perfectly from 9:00am to 4:00pm.


Due to our good after sales service,the customer introduce our company to his friends and said he would place more orders to our company!

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