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What is the off-grid power generating system? Jun 3,2020.

What is the off-grid power generating system?

Off-grid power generation system is mainly composed of solar panels, controller, storage battery, off grid inverter, solar power generation through the assembly, by the controller on the battery charge and discharge management, and to theDC for providing power to a load or through the inverter and  provide electrical power to a new type of AC load.

How does the system work:
This system not only has solar power system function, but also has city electricity complement function and UPS function:                       

When there is sunshine, it will use sun power first;
When there is no sunshine, it will use battery power;
When there is no sunshine and battery power is used out,

it will automatically use city electricity ( or diesel generator ) to charge battery and take the loads at the same time;

When the sunshine is coming, it will automatically take use of sun power again.

Q: What can be included for this system from Sunchees?
A: This system includes: solar panel, PV array combiner, Hybrid solar inverter with built-in MPPT controller, Maintenance-free Gel battery, Mounting structure, cables etc.

Q: Is the solution for complete set? If not, what else are needed?
A: Yes, we can provide complete set solution. If you don't need complete set, basic parts are available too.

Q: Is the system solution always the same? Can I customize one?
A: No. We have professional teams make solutions for our clients. Solutions are mainly customized based on different sunshine time and power consumption. Same power system may be with different configuration.


Q: Who will arrange the shipment?
A: We are doing FOB trade term. If you need, we could help you to arrange the shipment, we have long-term cooperation with good service forwarders.

Q: What's the difference between off grid and on grid solar power system?
A: Off grid solar power system doesn't connect to the power grid. In general, the system includes solar panels, charge controller, batteries and off-grid inverter. This system will convert the solar power into electricity and store in the batteries, and the batteries will supply appliances the electricity to work through the inverter.
On grid solar power system connects to the power grid. In general, it includes solar panels, grid-connected inverter, the solar power will be converted into electricity and the electricity will be supplied to appliances directly. When there is no sunshine, the power grid will take place of the system and supply appliances the electricity to work.

Q: Can the inverter switch automatically to national grid to protect batteries.
A: Yes. The inverter not only can connect to national grid but also can connect to third generator, as like diesel generator. When there is no sunshine and battery power is used out, the inverter will automatically switch to use national grid power and take the load and charge the battery at the same time. Please tell our sales before production.

Q: What is the lifetime of the solar power system?
A: Solar panel lifetime are 25 years, battery lifetime is 6~8 years. The whole set system can supply free power at least 6 years. When battery reaches its life expectancy, just change new one then the system will continue working. Sunchees always insists on high quality goods, we never sell cheap quality products that can only use few months. We are not doing one-time business!

If you have more questions, welcome to contact us freely, Choose Sunchees, Choose Satisfaction!

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