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Foshan Sunchees Energy Technology Co., Ltd, located in 4th floor,No.8 Building, Hejia Industrial Zone, Luoge Avenue , Nanzhuang, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China, is specialized in solar power and solar air conditioner products R&D. Sunchees is a professional manufacturer and supplier of products including solar air conditioner, complete set solar power system/solar air conditioner , all kinds of pure sine wave inverter, controller etc.

With over 10 years new energy experience, Sunchees with two factories (which produce solar panel, solar air conditioner and solar inverter), introduced advanced production equipment and specialized production line, adopt international standard management and strict quality control to ensure the stable-performance and high-quality of the products.

Sunchees has high-efficiency supply chain and long-term cooperation with shipping company, thus rapid production and fast delivery are assured.

Sunchees has self-owned brand and can offer ODM service, at the mean time can offer OEM services. Sunchees has R&D engineers who are fluent in English, can customize the system according to customers' specific requirements, customize the solar power system and solar air conditioner system in the practical application.

When the customers buy complete system, Sunchees can provide professional test guide and installation service.

Quality and Service are Sunchees’ Culture! Sunchees provide 24hours/7days after sale service. Customers can enjoy long-term technical advisory service and long time warranty for Sunchees’ products. Sunchees promises product quality and will send free spare part for service during warranty.

Due to stable quality, competitive price, professional technical support and good after sale service, Sunchees' products are sold to more than twenty countries (Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Costa-Rica, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Italy, Australia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, France, etc.)

Sunchees’ vision is to become top manufacturer of new energy products in the world and provide advantaged competitive solution for the people who is suffering from lack of power.

Power your life! Save your money! No electricity bill! Choose Sunchees!

We look forward to cooperating with you in the long term!

Company Culture

1: We are a manufacturer of solar power system and solar air conditioner for more than 12 years .Our supply is sufficient to guarantee the customers demand 


2: Here you can buy complete solar power system and solar air conditioner for your market, at the mean time the customers can enjoy the long –term technical advisory services in our factory 


3: We can do OEM to meet you special needs. Our advantages are fast delivery, competitive price, high quality and long term service to our customers 


4: With perfect supply chain and long-term cooperation with shipping company, we can produce the goods more quickly and efficiently, so the good quality and fast delivery are assured.


5: We have fluent in English R&D engineers who can customize the system according to customers’ needs. We also can provide engineer to go to your location and instruct installation of the system. During the warranty, we will ship the free parts for service if needs.

6: We will provide best after sale service and try our best to meet the requirements of the guests 

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