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How much space do the panels take ?
We are using 500watt mono solar panels for our solar power system.The length is 2090mm and width is 1106mm,so each piece solar panel is about 2.3 square meters.
How many amps is the inverter ?
Our inverter is real capacity inverter,inverter power factor is 1. If the city grid power voltage is 220VAC,3KW inverter can provide 3000W/220V=13.6A current and 5KW inverter can provide 5000W/220V=22.7A current.Our inverter power unit is KW,not KVA.
How many amps/ power can i get from you system 
Let’s make 5KW solar system as example.Normally 5KW solar power system can generate about 19KWH per day under 6hours standard sunshine.5KW solar power system contains 8pcs 500watt mono solar panels,let’s say the complete set solar system efficiency is 80% and sunshine time is 6 hours.The power can be generated is 8*500watt*6hours*80%=19.2KWH.It is enough for most of the house
How many hours does the system run continuously ?
Our solar system is designed for 24hours continuously per day.Let’s make 5kw system as example,8pcs 500watt solar panels can generate about 19KWH power per day and 8pcs 12V/200AH gel battery bank can reserve about 13KWH per day.If your power consumption at daytime and nighttime is during that range,then our system is enough for providing power to your house 24hours per day.
If I need a off grid system without battery. is it possible ?
Yes.We have on/off grid high frequency inverter which can work without battery bank at the daytime.If you only use the power at daytime,then you can choose on/off grid inverter to make solar power system
If i puchase the full system , can i use the panels to heat the water tank for hot water ?
Of course!As long as your water heater use AC power,then can use our solar power system to heat the water tank for hot water.Our inverter will convert battery bank DC power to AC power and take the loads
How to install the system ? is it easy ? what tools require for the installation ?
For every solar system, we will provide system connection diagram for installation.It is easy to do the installation and we also have video to teach customer how to install the solar system.Just contact our seller for video link is ok.
How could I know which capacity solar system is suitable for my house
We have loads reference for customer to study and confirm the total capacity of house loads.Or if you only have electricity bills,just send to us and tell us what kind of home appliances you have.Then we will customize a solar power system for your house.Below is loads list for 5KW solar power system
Does your solar inverter can work with lithium battery bank?
Yes.Our inverter use new operation system and can support lead-acid battery,gel battery,Lifepo4 Lithium battery or other kind of batteries.Customer just need to set the inverter data according to battery on screen is ok.Such as charging voltage, charging current,etc.It is very easy to operate,just contact our seller for video link then you will know our products better.
Do you have lithium battery? what capacity you have? and how many cycle times it can use?
Yes.We provide Lifepo4 lithium battery for solar power system and So far we use 100AH,200AH and 260AH three size lithium battery to match our solar power system.Customers can choose the battery capacity according to their budget and loads capacity.The lifepo4 lithium battery bank lifespan is more than 8 years and deep discharge cycle time is more than 2000times.We also provide 3 years warranty for lithium battery bank.
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