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Off Grid Solar Power System
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30kw Residential Solar Systems
30kw Residential Solar Systems
30kw Residential Solar Systems

30kw Residential Solar Systems

30KW Off Grid Residential Solar Power Package System House Solar Power System Kits


LEAD TIME : 7-15days



PAYMENT : 30% deposit by T/T , 70% balance by T/T before shipment

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Produt Details

30KW  solar system configuration:

 Three Phase Off grid solar power supply system: T-SP30KW
System Basic Information  Solar panel rated output power:31680W 
Suitable for daily power consumption : <162KWH 
Allowable max loads power : 30KW
solar panel Mono                        Poly Solar panel               type: SP500W Half Cell mono
Max power :500w / Vmp:40.5V  Voc:48.7V Solar Cell Use  Half Cell 
Imp 12.34A    Size : 2176*1098*40mm   Solar Panel  Effieciency : 22%
25 years life time  (CE TUV) Solar Panel  Effieciency : 22%
Connect way:  
10pcs solar panel in series is each string ,6 string connect to PV combiner  
Total : 60PCS Terminal block: IP65 with MC4 connector
pv combiner PV combiner Model:PC6/384VDC;                                                                                       Multiple PV strings inputs.
Simplify wiring between PV array and controller. protections to controller  thunderstorm& surge protection
charger controller

Charge controller

controller model:384VDC/100A; Charging efficiency; 90%-95%, charging mode, intelligent control.,
temperature compensation, various protection functions;

inverter Three Phase pure sine wave inverter 
Solar three phase Inverter power:TSC30kw/384VDC
Charging efficiency; 90%-95%, Phase voltage setting:200 - 244VAC, pls confirm when order
AC charger built-in connect city grid;Protection against short-circuit, over load, high-voltage and low-voltage protection
Output:380/400/415V 50/60HZ
Total : 1 Set
gel battery Solar power gel battery Capacity:12V/200AH 
Servicelife : 5-6years Size:522*240*219mm / Weight:57KG 
 Connect way: 32pcs battery in series connect to solar inverter
Total : 32PCS 
panelsolar panel Slope Rooftop or Flat rooftop including complete fittings
wind load:55m/s,snow load:1.5kn/m2  structure:Anodized Aluminum+stainless steel, Angle adjustable
Total : 1 Set
pv cable pv cable
35pcs 16mm2*35CM battery cable connect; 6pcs 16mm2*2M battery cable connect ;4mm2 PV cable 200M

SUNCHEES Can Provide What Service To Your ?

1:Professional R&D Team

We have 12+ years professional R&D team to provide customers best design , professional install/ test guide and after sale sevice, sunchees products are successfully sold to more than 130 countries,Won five-star praise from 100% customers

2:OEM/ODM Service

Sunchees can offer OEM service as per your specific requirements ,Customize the solar system and solar air conditioner solutions in the practical application ,Three new products lead the market every year.

3:Perfect after-sales service system

Once the order is confirmed, we will arrange production immediately. Powerful productivity and automation.Can promise delivery in the short term. Such as:Sampleorder(1set-10set)delivery time:5-7 workday , Bulk order:(20-100set) delivery time: 10-20 workdays.

Regardless of the size of the contract, we will strictly implement the provisions stipulated in the contract as scheduled with high quality and quantity; If we can't deliver on time, we will pay 5% of the total amount as liquidated damages to your company;

2. In the process of production, we will arrange a special person to feedback the production progress of the goods regularly;

3. We will pay a return visit to the implementation of each contract, to ensure that the goods timely arrives in the hands of customers.

How does the off grid solar power system work:

  • This system not only has solar power system function,but also has city grid complement function and UPS function
  • At daytime,the solar panels will generate the electricity to charge the battery bank through solar charge controller and the inverter will convert battery DC power into AC power and take the loads.
  • At nighttime,with fully charged battery bank,the inverter will convert battery DC power into AC power and take the loads
  • When there is no sunshine and battery power is used out,the inverter will automatically switch to use city grid power and take the loads


  • 100%green energy,no pollution,no noise
  • High efficiency solar panel with 25 years lifespan can guarantee fast cost-recovery and long-term benefit
  • Stand-alone system,easy installation and operation
  • Nice after-sale service,provide installation guide and technical support 

Packing details:

  • Solar panels are packed in carton and pallet
  • PV combiners and inverter are packed in wooden box
  • Solar charge controller,gel battery,and cables are packed in carton
  • Solar panel racks are in cartons and bulk packing​

Our conpany:

Corporate environment

100kw Solar system Nigeria case:

Project feedback diagram

Warranty policy:

  • Solar panel has 10 years warranty,during warranty if any quality problem,we will ship new one for replacement.
  • lithium  battery has 3 years warranty,during warranty if any quality problem,we will ship new one for replacement.Quality problem means acid leakage or irregular shape.
  • Inverter,charge controller,and PV combiner have 2 years warranty,during warranty if any quality problem,we will ship free PCB for replacement

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