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Wind And Solar Hybrid System
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5kw Solar Wind Power Generator System
5kw Solar Wind Power Generator System
5kw Solar Wind Power Generator System
5kw Solar Wind Power Generator System

5kw Solar Wind Power Generator System

5kw Wind Solar Hybrid System Solar And Wind Power System Home Use


LEAD TIME : 7-15days



PAYMENT : 30% deposit by T/T , 70% balance by T/T before shipment

Whatapp:+86 13690853732


Product Details

wind solar system connect

off grid solar & wind hybrid power system configuration:

                                         SUNCHEES wind and solar hybrid system 1KW to 50KW 

solar panel 

solar panel

Solar panel      : type: SP500W Half Cell mono

Max power :500w / Vmp:40.5V  Voc:48.7V Solar Cell Use  Half Cell 

Imp 12.34A    Size : 2176*1098*40mm  Solar Panel  Effieciency : 22%

25 years life time  (CE TUV) Warranty:10 years ,ship the free one for service

Connect way:2pcs solar panel in series is each string. 2string connect to PV combiner

Effieiency performace:25%years 80%,20years 85%.10 years 90%

Wind generator


Starting wind speed:2.5m/s

Rated wind speed:12.5m/s

Security wind speed:45m/s

Rated speed:374r/m

3years warranty,20year use life

With guy cable tower: 9m (free stand tower optional)

Wind controller

Input 2000W solar power+3000W wind power

DC 48V input ;MPPT intelligent control

Protection Function: Solar reverse charge protection , Solar reverse connection protection,

Battery-over-charge-protection, Battery-reverse connection protection, Lightning protection, Wind turbine current limiting, Wind turbine automatic brake and manual brake.

solar inverter

Model: SI:5KW

DC input:48v; AC output:110v/120v/ 220v/230v/240v

Touch color screen, all the operation adjustment can be done on the touch screen easily. WIFI function is optional, just download APP then can monitor the solar system working status conveniently. 

 Big capacity Mosfet ,can withstand higher voltage and current ,provide stronger inverter performance and extend the service life by 80% compared with others.

With AC charger build-in Protection against overload, short circuit, discharger, etc.

gel battery


full sealed Solar power gel battery,

Service life:6-8 years ,

Size:522*240*219mm  Weight:59KG   

Connect way: 4pcs in series each strinf, 2string connect to inverter

solar panelrooftop solar panel

Slope Rooftop or Flat rooftop

including complete fittings

wind load: 55m/s,snow load:1.5kn/m2

Structure: Anodized Aluminum + stainless steel, Angle adjustable

(other type solar panel rack can be customized as per client's requirement )

 stand tower 

Free stand tower 

Easy installation 

no need crane 

convienent maintenance operation 

80% installtion cost save 

PV cable

1)16pcs 16mm2*35CM battery cable connect

4pcs 16mm2*1M battery cable connect

2)4mm2 PV cable 100M

3)terminals and MC4

Remark: Refrigerator,air conditioner &water pump is inductive load ,start working power is 3-6 times more than normal power ,in the process of use ,turn on the inductive load first

If you purchase wind generator from us, wind turbine will be packed with wooden;If you purchase solar and wind hybrid system from us, wind generator packed with wooden,controller and inverter will be packed with carton, solar panel will be packed with pallet

How does the system work:

  • When there is sunshine and wind, the solar panels and wind turbine will generate power and stock in the battery bank,then inverter will convert the battery DC power to AC power and take the loads
  • When there is no sunshine,no wind and battery power is used out, the inverter will automatically switch to use city electricity to take the loads

Compare to only solar or only wind power system,solar&wind hybrid system can generate and supply power more stably

SUNCHEES Can Provide What Service To Your ?

1:Professional R&D Team

We have 12+ years professional R&D team to provide customers best design , professional install/ test guide and after sale sevice, sunchees products are successfully sold to more than 130 countries,Won five-star praise from 100% customers

2:OEM/ODM Service

Sunchees can offer OEM service as per your specific requirements ,Customize the solar system and solar air conditioner solutions in the practical application ,Three new products lead the market every year.

3:Perfect after-sales service system

Once the order is confirmed, we will arrange production immediately. Powerful productivity and automation.Can promise delivery in the short term. Such as:Sampleorder(1set-10set)delivery time:5-7 workday , Bulk order:(20-100set) delivery time: 10-20 workdays.

Regardless of the size of the contract, we will strictly implement the provisions stipulated in the contract as scheduled with high quality and quantity; If we can't deliver on time, we will pay 5% of the total amount as liquidated damages to your company;

2. In the process of production, we will arrange a special person to feedback the production progress of the goods regularly;

3. We will pay a return visit to the implementation of each contract, to ensure that the goods timely arrives in the hands of customers.

Wind system case:

Project buyer Show

Project buyer Show

Our factory:

Corporate environment

Packing details:

  • Solar panels are packed in carton and pallet
  • Wind turbine is packed in wooden box
  • Hybrid charge controller,inverter,gel battery,and cables are packed in carton
  • Solar panel racks and wind turbine pole are in cartons and bulk packing

wind system packagewind system for home

wind system for home

Warranty policy:

  • Solar panel has 10 years warranty,during warranty if any quality problem,we will ship new one for replacement.
  • Gel battery has 2 years warranty,during warranty if any quality problem,we will ship new one for replacement.Quality problem means acid leakage or irregular shape.
  • Wind turbine,inverter,charge controller have 2 years warranty,during warranty if any quality problem,we will ship free PCB for replacement.

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